Have You Thought About a "Pet ID Card" for Your Wallet?

What if you went out to dinner one night and on the way home, you were in an auto accident? (Hope that it never happens to you.)

How would anyone know if your pet is home alone? Especially for an extended period of time?

Well, you can now order “personalized pet ID wallet cards” with your pet’s name, information and emergency contact info that you carry in your wallet, along with your ID.

The card would say:

  • MY DOG/CAT/PET is home alone. If I become ill or injured, please contact the people on the reverse side of this card who will care for my pet.

Then, on the back of the card, list the emergency contact name, phone number, cell number and email address. It’s suggested that it be someone who lives close you to (neighbor or friend) who can get to your home quickly to take care of your pet.

You’ll find companies online who will prepare the card for you or you can create and print yourself.

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