Blocking Nuisance Smartphone Calls and Text Messages




So, you’ve registered all of your phone numbers with on the DoNotCall.gov list and you are still getting nuisance calls on your cell phone and home phone.

The scammers do not care if you are on the list or not! In fact, quite a few of them tend to be Robo-Calls that are impossible to trace.

Here are are some tips on how to block these annoying, spam, smart phone calls.

  • Use a phone app. These apps combine public databases with crowdsourcing to identify annoying and suspicious calls and texts.
    • Truecaller (free for Apple and Android phones)
    • PrivacyStar (free for Android phones)
    • 1Blocker (free for both, but expect pop-up ads)
    • Adblock (free for both, but expect pop-up ads)
  • Check settings on your smart phone. To block those numbers from calling or texting again, tap the icon next the number and select “Block This Caller” at the bottom of your screen (Apple). For Android phones, click the three-dot menu icon and choose “Add to Auto Reject List.”
  • If you pick up the phone and you are talking to a live person, ask them to add you to their do-not-call list.
  • If it’s a robocall, hang up even if it asks you to press a button to opt out. What you are really doing is “confirming” that you are a live person, and you can expect even more robo-calls from other spam callers.

If you are unsure about the phone number that appears on your cell phone when someone calls, let it go into voice mail. You can then Google the phone number to see whether it is a legitimate caller or a spam call. There are several websites where people report spam phone calls online, along with the phone number. If it’s a legit call, Google will usually give you the person’s name or area of the country where the caller is located.

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