Real Estate Reality Show Myths


How many of you get addicted to watching HGTV Real Estate Shows such as Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, and Property Brothers? I know I have. Some of the shows have some real situations you can learn from while others definitely do not. Here are a few myths from the HGTV shows.


1. Shows like House Hunters portray that buyers only look at 3 homes before choosing one. 

Now that may be true on an occasion, but for the most part buyers look at many houses and Agents have to go through mulyiple showings to find the perfect home for them. It is definitely not that easy!

2. Shows portray that buyers get to get the properties for less than the asking price most of the time to fit their needs.

Now while that may happen in some occasions, the market and length of time a home has been listed dictates that more than fitting their buget needs. Most Real Estate Agents are very good at what they do, but don't expect them to perform miracles because you saw it on television.

3. Shows portray that people listing their homes always get offers at Open Houses.

Again while that happens occasionally, don't expect that to be the norm. Open Houses give exposure to people to actually see what the home looks like and if you renovated a property, what changes you have done to it. Sometimes people will make offers after seeing the property but don't let the shows give you the wrong impression.

4. Shows portray that the buyers always get their offers accepted.

Again while Real Estate Agents do a great job negotiating for you, the truth is many times people have to bid on multiple homes to get their ideal property. Other Agents are also negotiating for their clients and only one person can win the bid. Sometimes depending on the market, bids come in for above the asking price.

5. Shows portray that buyers are always able to go over their budget if they can't get the home for their price.

Sometimes clients are pre-approved for a certain amount and cannot go over that amount. They may have to find a different property that is more inline with their budget and what the lender can get them approved for. The shows make it seem like it is no problem to do whatever it takes to get a certain home.


These are just a few of the myths that these shows portray. I am sure there are many others. The best advice I could give is to contact me Your Favorite Mortgage Guy and I will get you pre-approved and connect you with an awsome Real Estate Agent!





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