Are Your Home Buyers Being Videotaped?


I recently viewed a news show where the buyers complained that they were videotaped while walking through an open house.

With video surveillance systems installed in homes these days, this is a game changer for Realtors, buyers and sellers.

The first step is to know the law.

Many states have laws on the books about audio- or videotaping someone without the consent (maybe even written consent) of at least one (or maybe all) of the people involved in the conversation.

Print a copy of the law.

When listing a home, ask if there are video cameras installed.

Let them know the legal ramifications of recording the home buyer and the Realtor showing the home in your state. Give them a copy of the law.

As for homebuyers you represent, mention that homes these days have cameras – you don’t know which ones (unless mentioned on the listing) – and to take notes and not to make any comments until you are outside the home. Even then, the seller may have cameras installed on the exterior of the home too.

And as a Realtor, keep your comments about the home to yourself until you get in the car or at the office.

Question: Do you think that the listing should mention that the home has surveillance cameras installed?

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