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In our Agent Mastermind webinar series, we have heard from our fearless leader Scott Hudspeth, about many opportunities for Real Estate Agents using Google Tools. These are a few I would like to share...

Google Drive

Google Drive is basically an online storage closet. Here, you can upload and download everything from documents, presentations, forms and spreadsheets to templates and drawings. You can easily share anything on your drive with selected individuals so others can collaborate with you on uploaded files. Additionally, you can send faxes and documents from Google Drive with HelloFax and sign forms using DocuSign for Google Drive. The first five gigs are free, so check it out!


GoMo is short for Go Mobile and verifies if your site is mobile-friendly. There are definite perks to your real estate business’s website being mobile-friendly, like more exposure and more clientele. According to Google’s GoMo page, “67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service.” Furthermore,research on mobile concluded that people will be accessing the internet more from their mobile phones than with a laptop or desktop by 2014.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to receive notifications every time your name, business name, or any topic of interest is mentioned online. Simply go to the page, search for something, pick your result type (everything, blogs, videos, etc.), how often you want to receive an alert, how many results you want and where you want them delivered (to your email or to a feed). If you’re interested in receiving alerts about the area you farm, type in something like “homes for sale in Boston.” Use quotation marks to tell Google you want it to give you results using the entire phrase, as opposed to all results for “homes,” “for sale” and “Boston.” You can also use the minus symbol (-) to indicate what you don’t want in the results. For example, if you work in Milan, Michigan you would want to type in -Italy so you don’t receive results for the capital of Lombardy. Type in +word to match a word exactly as it’s typed, and put a star before a location (*Boston) to receive content posted from that particular place.

Google Voice

With Google Voice, you can pick a phone number with any area code, set up an online voicemail that transcribes messages and sends them to your inbox, and text and call to the U.S. and Canada. All of this is free! You can forward the calls or texts from your Google Voice number to any phone you want. You can also download the Google Voice app to your phone and choose to use either your cell number or your Google Voice number when making calls. This makes it easier to transfer calls to a secretary or another agent when you’re on vacation, or to keep your business number separate from your cell number, but still have the convenience and accessibility of your mobile phone.

Other cool Google Voice features include putting people into groups and setting up personalized greetings for each group. Not only will your voicemails be saved online and transcribed to text, you can listen in on them while they’re being left. Additionally, you can block unwanted callers and make cheap international calls.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is, alas, an online calendar, but a really cool one. First of all, it syncs across all of your devices, be it a phone, tablet or computer. You can also create multiple calendars within your calendar. For example, you can have a personal, work and editorial calendar—all organized by different colors—on the same calendar. Additionally, you can share specific calendars with certain people (like the editorial one with your blog writer) and view other people’s public calendars (like someone’s sports calendar to see when your favorite football team is playing).

Google Maps

We’ve all used Google Maps, but there are some pretty nifty features that you can use for your real estate business. Create your own custom maps within Google Maps by going to “My places” on the left hand side of the page. From here, click theCreate Map button, and get started! Using this tool, you can draw to add places, lines, or shapes, import data to visualize it on a map, organize places into layers and pick the style of your pins/locations. Create maps for your active listings and sold properties and make points of interest, awesome restaurants, historical attractions and utilities maps for those relocating/new to an area. Make networking easy by starting a referral map for fellow agents. The possibilities are endless! Once you’ve created a map, you can export it and/or embed it into your website or a particular blog post.

Google Cloud Print

With Google Cloud Print, you can connect your printer to the web. This tool works from your phone, tablet, PC, Macbook and any other web-connected device. Furthermore, you can print from different apps from any of these devices or download the Cloud Print app directly to them to print with ease. Cloud Print also allows you to securely share your printer with anyone you choose. In this way, your printer can function like a fax machine. This tool works best with wireless printers, but can work with wired ones by printing through Google Chrome and your Google account.

As you can see, there are many free Google Tools just waiting to make your life easier and enhance your real estate business’s online functionality. If you’re a Keller Williams agent, there’re even more perks. KW Realty recently teamed up with Google to integrate Google Apps for Business into their online system. This provides their agents with increased storage, collaborative tools for teams and enhanced mobile access. Google Tools that are now integrated into the KW system include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Docs among others. KW agents will also have access to 30 gigs of online storage as well as integrated training and support.

Whether you’re a Keller Williams agent or not, start exploring all that Google has to offer and find what tools work for you! If you are a Real Estate Agent and want more information regarding Agent Mastermind, please contact me at 785-650-4727.

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